First Time Home Buyer

< < < Today's Featured Home - Just kidding! Buying the first time may appear daunting and that is why it is best to have a professional on your side.

First Time Home Buyers - Create a Brighter Future...

Let’s talk about the American Dream - a Home of Your Own – and no more paying your landlord's mortgage! Studies show that a homeowner’s worth is 44 times greater than that of a renter.

The biggest roadblock to ownership is thinking you cannot get a mortgage. Maybe you can't - but, what if you could? A REALTOR cannot decide that – and you should make no assumptions on your own. We work with mortgage folks that can look at ways to help you. If you don't qualify now, maybe they can look at how to get you there in the shortest possible time. There are organizations that will try to help you.

If you can be qualified - the journey to becoming a Homeowner can begin. And, just a little secret I’ll share with you…. I was a First Time Buyer once. We won’t talk about how far back that goes. The point is – you have to start someplace – right?

I remember being quite scared about taking the first step toward becoming a homeowner. I get it. But that is an ancient story for another time - this is about YOU. I was lucky to have a great agent (after going through a few) and it is time for me to pay it forward and help others. And, one other little secret to share with you – I LIKE helping first time buyers! It gives me a chance to share knowledge and to see the feeling of accomplishment in the new homeowners as they enjoy their success.

You may ask “How Do I Know If I am Doing the Right Thing Right Now?”

If this is your first time buying a home, just call and request "first time buyer coaching". You will receive specialized services and explanations for the new buyer. Married, single or coupled – does not matter! We will get you in touch with mortgage professionals who know how to get things done!

One of our goals is to wipe out rumors or misinformation about what it takes to buy a home. As a buyer, you do not pay us any fees. We also do not earn a salary or hourly wage. Our fees are paid by the seller – whether you are buying a resale home or new construction where a builder is paying those fees. We represent you in the transaction.

Think you need 20% down? – not true. Or that you need a super high credit score? – not true. In fact, mortgage requirements are far more relaxed than just a short time ago. Did you know that most recent applications for a home mortgage were approved? So, why don’t we look at your situation and find out what you can qualify for.

The sooner you take that step forward, the sooner you are investing in yourself. Homeownership has been the American Dream for hundreds of years - and there are good reasons for that.

Real estate the #1 choice for best long-term investment – and you can live in it!